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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal in hd. >> the thanksgiving holiday is approaching, but that has not deterred the jury deciding the fate of baltimore mayor sheila dixon.
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>> is still no verdict. she would -- still no verdict. she was at an event tonight, helping those in need. our team coverage begins with i- team lead investigative reporter. >> after sending 10 notes to the judge after the first three days of deliberations, the jury today sent just one. at the end of the day, they asked to go home. no other clues were offered. >> today showed how fruitless it was to try to speculate yesterday about the substance of the notes that came in yesterday. >> they may have reached a verdict on one count of perhaps more, but the remainder is people will feel one way and a small group that feels the other. >> a law professor from closely followed the case says the length of deliberation, now
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surpassing 24 hours, is good news about how seriously the jurors take their work. they are deciding whether or not dixon stole or misappropriated gift cards. >> they are doing the best they can to reach a verdict in that is a terrific victory for the justice system of baltimore city. >> if the jurors do not reach a decision by tomorrow, they will face a four-day break for the thanksgiving holiday. >> does it create a deadline? >> the deadline would have been this afternoon. the only other deadline i can think of would be tomorrow by lunchtime, by midday. beyond that, they will take into account the thanksgiving holiday. >> tomorrow is a furlough day for the state. state prosecutors will be here without pay. >> mayor sheila dixon attended a turkey basket giveaway and west
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of baltimore with ray lewis. >> you can really notice that it seems the mayor is taking things in stride, unfazed by the fact that this jury has now taken four days and not come up with a verdict in her case. she is keeping things as usual. that jim and robert see marshall wrecks center was packed tonight for several reasons. -- recreation center was packed tonight. there were passing out a turkey with all the trimmings. that meant not only thanksgiving dinner for those in need, but the chance to meet mark clayton. also in attendance, mayor sheila dixon, a having a good time with volunteers, folks from the public and ray lewis. as she has spent throughout the trial, she did not reveal 20 much to the media when asked how she was holding up, -- the did
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not reveal too much to the media. >> i get up every day. i am blessed and i will continue to work. so that is all i am going to say about that. i am not commenting. >> we also had the chance to talk with willis who seemed to be impressed with the dunbar football team posey winning season. we asked him about his conversations with the mayor. >> do you have advice for her, as a role model? >> we are helping people, whatever the message is. >> as we reported, the jury will continue with deliberations tomorrow. we will have updates as they happen. live at city hall tonight. >> a reminder, continuing coverage of the trial is on our web site --
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you can find the latest developments with live at tweets from the courthouse. -- live tweaks from the courthouse. >> now to the war in afghanistan. a soldier from their land died monday in combat. staff sergeant matthew pucino was killed when he was attacked with an ied. he was assigned to the second britannia -- italian special forces group of the army national guard -- second battalion special forces group of the army national guard. he is the 11th national guardsmen to die in the war on terror. city policemen that say that 37- year-old thomas megan has been charged in connection with the death. prosecutors argue that he was a danger to the public. he remains behind bars. >> in the fight to reduce crime, the police department
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will padlock a popular club. club currush operates out of the belvedere hotel in melbourne and. -- moutnt vernon. tomorrow, the club will be padlocked. that remain in effect for a calendar year. >> in tonight's project economy, severn bank corp. has entered an agreement with the federal office of provision. that is according to the "baltimore business journal." the good news for customers is the bank's operations will continue as usual. >> also tonight, we have a blue hippo funding filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
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its bank accounts were frozen after the federal trade commission filed a complaint against them. it helps people with poor credits by computers. it says the bank's actions are necessary. mayor lenders complain that they did not receive computers they paid for -- maryalnders complained they did not receive computers. m. more are expected to travel over this thanksgiving and last. holiday gathering and traveling along distances can be havens to the h1n1 flow and others circulating viruses. they recommended using hand wipes to clean services were viruses can live for several hours per request it is important to take -- officials say if you are really sick, the best gift you can give is to stay home this
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holiday season. >> it is the biggest crib recall in u.s. history. that recall is renewing a call from a local consumer advocates to beef up state requirements. kerry cavanaugh is here with more. >> they have recalled the crib after four children died and more than 100 were injured with the drop-side cribs. there is an outcry for more thorough testing. she kissed her son good night, and aware of the nightmare about to unfold. the nine-month old baby suffocated, stuffed between the crib side and the mattress. >> i called 911. my brother and i did cpr until the paramedics got there.
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and they took into the hospital where they pronounced him dead. >> that prompted the recall of over 2 million stork craf cribs. plastic hardware that allows the crib's cost -- side to go down -- this recall demonstrates the need for tougher product testing standards. the group successfully lobbied for the consumer product safety improvement act last year. >> we want to make sure that there is a party out there testing products that don't have a vested interest in the profits of that product. >> it includes leading product directions. most of the children injured -- injured by the cribs or sleeping in cribs that were not put together correctly. >> we would like to see that the
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directions that are given to parents are very clear so that they do not installed correctly or upside-down. part of the new rules are going to make it a lot easier for the consumer products safety commission to catch these mistakes before they hit store shelves. >> they stopped making drop-side crips. the consumer product safety commission is urging parents to get rid of them, especially since they are passed on from one user to another. they become less stable along the way. >> also being recalled tonight, more than 110,000 toyota tundras, registered in maryland, d.c., and delaware. corrosion due to road salt could
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lead to the truck's failing. toyota will begin notifying affected customers in december. you can find detailed information on our web site -- click on consumer. >> as the holiday shopping season gets under way, important information on toys. >> a local consumer group reports potentially has added -- hazardous toys. >> another system approaching that may bring more rain showers and maybe some snow to parts of maryland over the thanksgiving weekend. >> our secret shopper is back for more, revealing more of maryland's best customer service. next uncoil 11
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>> the maryland public interest research group released its 24th
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annual trouble in toyland report. it focuses on hazardous toys. it highlights three key areas -- choking hazards, loud voice and lead levels. >> many of the toys that our researchers found contained lead which lowers and iq and affects the central nervous system. for children aged 3 and under, parents should be looking for small parts. >> they have launched a website where parents can check for hazardous toys and report it potentially dangerous ones. you can find it on our web site -- secret shoppers back inside local stores giving us her opinion. >> the secret shop our hands out an exceptional a plus. -- are secret shop our hands out an exceptional a plus.
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>> she great customer service that area retailers. she is hired to give her opinion of the help she receives. first up, but wal-mart in ellicott city. >> he was very helpful. got me over to the toy department. >> she spent a few minutes looking for the toy. she was told there was a sales associate in this area, and there is, but she walks right by her. she sees a woman in another aisle and finds out she does work here. she said she did not realize she worked here because she was not wearing a vest and her name tag is not clearly visible -- visible. she does know where the exact item is and points it out. >> it is the first time today. >> in the express lane, there is a bit of a way. there was not anything particularly memorable about the experience, she says.
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>> the bathroom had broken dispensers hanging there. there was toilet paper -- they were hung on the wall with tape. very, very bad safety hazard with little kids. >> for overall opinion -- >> they got us what we wanted. >> she hands on over to the sporting goods store in northwest baltimore city. >> the pleasant surprise of the day. >> she is going to buy eight children's softball mitt. >> they greeted me promptly. showed me where the department was. >> the shows are several gl oves and explains the differences between the various styles. >> he knew all about his products. >> one that was on sale. at the register, she has helped immediately. >> he was very pleasant.
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he told me how to save money. i was impressed. actually shocked -- i would given and a plus. >> at a discount store in owings mills, she is looking for a pillowcase. she makes her way to the land area and find a sales person. >> the service was phenomenal. she gave me the best price, the best pillowcases request she spent several minutes with the shopper who like the personal attention. she did not like the fact that no one she saw nametags. when she checks out the ladies' room -- >> the bathrooms were the -- >> at the register, she was there to help again. >> she was probably one of the best customer service people i had, but her store fell short. >> that is above-average customer service. on to that target in
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cockeysville. she passes to the bureau employees. a third one asks if he can help. -- she passes two employees. >> he put me in the direction where i needed to go. she would have liked him to take it a step further. >> he did not help me find the item i wanted. >> she looks a round to see if there is anyone who can help find it, but the aisles are empty. she makes a selection. at the register, there is a short wait, but when it is our turn, the care sure is friendly. >> adapters were in good condition. -- a cash -- the bathrooms were in good condition. i was not happy to have to walk through smoke. it really was not that great of service, but everybody was friendly. smoking was an issue --
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>> and now at the kmart at number point boulevard. >> there was a smell of smoke. i walked completely through the store before i got a guy that was pulling out merchandise that sent me to an aisle where i could find the leapfrog stuff. the most amazing part of this experience was the check out. >> there are 12 registers but only two were open. she makes her way to the express lane at the far end. she was told to go there because she only had one item. there is only one customer in front of her. her car is filled to the brim. the cashier is very slow. >> they had some show going on in the jewelry department. people were raffling off for a change in the middle of the afternoon. >> she does not understand why
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no one is calling for additional help. an associate waves are over to the jewelry department. you can see customers waiting for the raffle to begin. >> i went over to the original register and she was still checking out the same woman. i would have to give them an f because nothing was close to getting me out that door. >> we contacted kmart. it is owned by sears holding. the company says customer service is a top priority and feedback is a critical component to our mission to improve every day. the kmart on north point boulevard -- has said they will continue to educate assess its on improving, not only the customer experience but also customer service. the company says the result of the secret shopper's visit was not consistent with the type of service millions of kmart shoppers experience every day. i am lisa robinson.
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>> she also visited the toes art -- toys r us store, and she shot a j.c. penney in glen burning. she gave them a b. >> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom castelmyer. >> we have picked up another .1% of an inch in rain. -- .1 inch of rain. some fog forming as well. the temperature barely moved under thick clouds. 48 for the low, 52 for the high temperature. of or 40's to the north and west of baltimore. -- upper 40's to the north and west. holding around 50 in many areas on the eastern shore. western maryland, they are at 41 degrees.
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hancock, heading out west is 49. leonard town at 49 degrees. sunrise forecast -- some clouds, pettifog, 45 to 50 with a light -- like east wind. -- and patchy fog. maybe the klaus get a chance to thin a little tomorrow. -- maybe that clouds the chance to thin a little tomorrow. this next weather system will rapidly approached tomorrow and it will bring us some showers. if you are traveling, snow showers being generated from minneapolis to chicago, cleveland up into buffalo and detroit. clouds and low clouds and fog may hamper travel in the northeast. some showers and far southern florida. looking good for travel conditions. on thursday, snow showers
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continue in the great lakes area. many travel airports -- atlanta, dallas, denver, look good. those snow showers in the great lakes might work their way into western maryland, beginning thursday night into friday is a surge of cold air comes in. the clouds that cannot. evening showers and snow in the western maryland mountains -- the clouds thicken up. no travel problems for wednesday and even during the first part of thursday. watch where the snow will come into the mountains as we head into the weekend. to the highest mountains of west virginia towards western maryland. 51 to 56 tomorrow. a chance for a shower. then it will cool off later in the weekend. a couple showers and 54 around chesapeake bay and down at ocean city. a high temperature there of 57
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degrees. a look at the seven-day -- drizzle continuing off and on. 57 with a little sunshine on thursday. turning colder, rain or snow showers moving through on friday with highs in the 40's pe. >> see if maryland succeeds or tonight looks like paradise lost. that is next in sports. >> hello, america. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $37 million spr. let's see if i can make you a millionaire. our first number is 37, 35, 50, 10, and the final is 11. now for the megaball.
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number is 12. friday's jackpot will be worth
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>> now 11 sports. >> aloha means hello.
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yesterday it meant hollow. tonight it means goodbye. gary williams -- interesting entire. in early lead. as freshmen with the fall slam. terps up by three. cincinnati coming up with it. terps could not gain ground. the maui invitational -- they will lose 69-57. they will play wisconsin tomorrow. the ravens today as they continue to deal with injuries. matthew lawrence is on injured reserve. the ravens will have their own rally towels or waiting for the pittsburg steelers on sunday. the last time they collided they did it is two of the hottest
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teams this week, they have far different momentum and slow or aspirations. the steelers and run into each other, trying to stay in the playoff picture. they will have robbins burger back -- to been roethlisberger bacchuk as quarterback. >> they are a five and five team. they do not have the appearance of five and five team. if that is how it goes in that game, we anticipate those guys to be at their best. it will be fireworks as usual as -- when the ravens and steelers get together. >> washington wizards owner abe pollin and a reputation as a guy you would not give up. he lost his fight against a rare disease today. he died at the age of 85. he suffered from a rare brain disorder. he bought the franchise back in
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1964 at the baltimore reader -- when it was at the baltimore arena. he moved to the d.c. suburbs several years later and created the washington bullets, eventually the washington wizards. she was holding on to the ownership of his team. now capitals owner ted leon says owns the right of refusal. -- ted leonsis right of refusal. he paid $1.1 million back in 1964 for the team. >> $1.10 million. >> and look at the seven-day forecast that sprea
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>> the seven-day forecast looks similar to today. tomorrow does. some sprinkles and light showers, 50 braque -- 55. then a little bit of sunshine on thursday and rain or snow showers on friday. >> ok. in case you missed it, you can catch the encore tonight at midnight. take care.
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on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more.


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